Education Mobility Solutions

Associated Faculty, Students and Management

Today, M-business is bit by bit eclipsing E-trade. The mobile culture has initially changed the method for working together of a great many organizations over the world. They have discovered it as a productive approach to remain in front of the opposition. Computerized promoting and mobile applications are co-related terms. These days, mobile applications are assuming fundamental part in the business improvement of advanced media publicizing and advertising organizations.

Mobility is Building the Future of Education

Mobility solutions is changing the method for educating and picking up, drawing in understudy and expanding school security. A great many instructive organizations over the world have outfit the energy of mobile applications to upgrade classroom study and workforce administration. At last, that come about into giving the far reaching learning background to understudy and setting them up better for the workplace.

Our Expertise in Mobility in Education

Our Education Mobility Solutions are fixated on urging understudy to get required in the review, empowering workforce to accompany an imaginative showing approach each day and helping administration to deal with both students and staff methodically.


Our Custom-made Education Mobility Solutions

E-learning Mobile Applications

We developed superior quality e-learning mobile app for an emerging education company, BYJU’S. Our e-learning app development covers following student-friendly features:

  Virtual classroom with interactive videos

  Well prepared syllabus/handouts

  Forums and blogs integration

  Creative assignments

  Digital library

Education Enterprise Apps

Our Education Enterprise Apps help you increase faculty productivity and manage smoother flow of business process. Top features our education enterprise apps does include:

  Sales and marketing strategies

  Time and attendance

  Security and access control

Grounds Management Apps

Our creative grounds management application improvement empowers you in having complete and moment access to occasions, classroom, bistro and library, which makes less demanding resources and stock administration, and work process administration.

Understudy Management Mobile Apps

    Our understudy management mobile applications are adjustable as indicated by your changing needs step by step. Our understudy management mobile applications help you in:
  • Mobile enrolment and enlistment.
  • Simple mobile correspondence among students and staff, and personnel and parent.
  • Simple assessment on mobile.
  • Secure mobile exchanges.

Our identity?

G2evolution is a mobile and web application development organization in Bangalore, India. We have assisted many debut education institutes with achieving their fantasy of giving complex learning background to their students. We create imaginative Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows instruction applications for all sizes of instructive associations over the world.

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